Why Fusion?

FUSION is strength. Fat loss. Muscle building. Mobility. Longevity. If the question is: "How can I be better today?" FUSION is the answer. 

FUSION is a group workout with individual attention. It's fun, challenging, and will get you in the best shape of your life. 

FUSION is taught by our master trainers - all levels of fitness are welcome. 


Science of Fusion

The scientific philosophy behind our program stems from physics and biomechanics, the primary focus being force.  Force is affected by three different elements: mass (your body weight and the weight you are using for a movement), distance (the distance you travel within each rep and the entire workout itself), and time (how long it takes you to complete a specific movement/workout). 

 F= m(kg)*d(t)/((t(s)*t(s))

If an individual can move more mass, over greater distances, in a decreased time frame, they have generated more force and the body will adapt, meaning a leaner, stronger, more mobile YOU.