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Sarah Baumert

Sarah Baumert

Sandra Anderson

Sandra Anderson



While group classes can be a source of motivation, a gathering of a community, and exposure to many forms of yoga, there may come a time when you can benefit from private care and instruction. Private instruction is great for those newer to yoga, or for one who has experience with group classes but would like to focus on particular challenges or limitations. Your practice will be completely tailored to fit your needs in an open and non-judgemental space. Private sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities as the use of props and modifications are strongly encouraged. Each session is customized to aid the healing of injuries, aches, and pains, or to challenge your strength and learn to safely move deeper into the poses.


·     Build comfort, endurance, and strength in your practice

·     Overcome injuries

·     Achieve specific goals, mental, emotional, and physical

·     Support in creating a daily practice

·     Integrate the meditative practice of yoga into your busy life

Private yoga classes are an investment for your personal growth and health. They are a great way to start your yoga practice in a more solid footing before you join group yoga sessions or provide intensive training and exclusive attention for advanced practitioners.

60 minute single session: $89

Session Packages available

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Why private yoga lessons? An interview with Sarah . . .

What are some common reasons people choose private yoga?

Rehabilitation from injuries is a common request, along with people who are intimidated by taking a class with lots of other people. Some clients want to get in shape, and this is a great way to do that mindfully. For many, motivation, stress reduction, and fitness are the reasons yogis choose private lessons, along with increased flexibility, improvement of general toning, or increased relaxation. I have a lot of experience with athletes working with injuries or specific areas of immobilty. Private yoga allows the client to receive hands on adjustments for every pose, helping the client learn how to master poses and go deeper more quickly.

What happens at someone’s first private lesson?

The first time is usually a getting to know you session mixed in with learning the client’s body and physical needs. We talk about injuries, tightness, and lifestyle. There’s an open dialogue to learn the client’s goals. Sessions start with slow movement and supported poses to ascertain where you’re at in your fitness and yoga practice. Often in the first session, the primary poses will be used to assess where the imbalances are in the body that need to be addressed the most. All sessions end with Sarah’s hands on approach to muscle releasing and a supported savasana. By the end of the first session, the path is clear for the client’s practice and what they need.

What do you recommend for beginners?

The foundation of yoga is the most important thing for those starting out.  Don’t be discouraged if it takes time. Enjoy the process, as you’ll only be new to yoga one time in your life. I am a strong advocate for learning proper alignment, especially for beginners. The grseat thing about private instruction is that you will learn from the beginning the proper way to hold the poses, so when you enter a group class there will be less chance of injuring yourself, or causing more stress on your body from doing the poses with improper alignment. Private classes mean lots of hands on and starting people off on the right path.

What are the benefits of taking a private class?

There’s safety in private yoga instruction and all the attention is on you!  All your injuries and special needs are addressed in each pose. You can also build a new practice much faster than in a group setting, due to the focused training you are receiving. You develop a relationship with the teacher, and each class is fine-tuned to your needs. You will find yourself understanding the poses in an entirely different way and using the correct muscle groups. The one-on-one assistance both makes you work harder and gives you moments that are reminiscent of a massage with deep moments of release. Each session is catering everything to the client’s specific body and needs. For the client, it feels good and it feels successful, because it’s happening at your skill level.  A private instructor helps you gain confidence, and progress rapidly and safely.

What are some private yoga class successes you’ve had?

A woman came to me with intense shoulder tension. After just one session, she understood downward facing dog in an entirely new way. She left the session with a huge release of her shoulder pain and has been able to take this into the group classes that she attends regularly.

An attorney who started working with Sarah led a very stressful lifestyle. At times he was up for 3-4 days straight, preparing and reading briefs. He knew he wanted to do yoga, but only for the physical relief it might provide. He didn’t even consider the mental components— the tools—like breathing, stress relief, and caring for a maxed out nervous system. Just over the course of 8 sessions, he’s reported that his physical symptoms have improved, but mainly his stress and ability to have work boundaries have improved. He’s happier overall and sees more life balance.

What is your experience?

Sarah has experience working with bodies suffering from chronic pain, injury, illness, and other forms of dis-ease. She works with a variety of populations including athletes, seniors, artists, dancers, children, those who struggle with depression, trauma, and those recovering from injury. With hands on adjustments, Sarah delivers insightful results and a greater sense of ease and body awareness in her students. Along with slow flow vinyasa style yoga, Sarah also teaches restorative and therapeutic yoga. She has over 1000 hours of yoga training and is on her way to becoming a certified yoga therapist. Sarah earned a BFA in dance at the University of Minnesota. Her experience includes teaching at the Lemuel Shattock Hospital in Boston, Harvard Center for Wellness, MIT, the University of Minnesota, as well as yoga studios, gyms, and as a part of wellness programs for corporations. She is currently studying to become a certified Feldenkrais practitioner as a part of the Boston Feldenkrais training.

Testimonials of Sarah’s teaching:

“My husband and I met Sarah in a “Yoga for pain and injury relief” class in 2008 at Harvard and have been following her ever since. I had been practicing yoga for four years before I started attending her classes, but I can certainly say that I learned more about my body in the first four weeks of her class then I did in those four years prior. She brings an incredible sense of awareness in each pose and  customizes your practice for you. In time, you learn how to modify your flows as well as how your body and mind will respond to each movement. I have been a student of yoga on and off for 9 years now, tried many instructors both in the US and abroad, though I would still consider my self a beginner. Sarah is, by far, the best teacher I’ve worked with. I learned that everything in the body is connected, your mind, your bones, muscles, nerves. She does not just instruct you to hold poses; she actually teaches you about your own movements and their impact on your alignment, so you can carry and modify your practice anywhere with you.”- Ekin Pehlivan Yalçın

“After class one day, a fellow student told me how amazed he was by Sarah. He had been trying for weeks to bring his legs off the ground in headstand and he told me that Sarah touched one place in his back and, like a miracle, he could lift his legs. Sarah knows exactly what she is doing.” – Tim

“I was fascinated by my session with you.  For me it was very much as if the positions and movements were sharpening my brain, making or re-enforcing some "clarity" of neuronal networks. It was like having neurofeedback again, but better -- with my whole Central Nervous System involved. - Mary Boyd

“After taking a yoga class with Sarah, I feel calm, more present in my body and ready to move on with my day gently. Other classes I’ve attended, leave me exhausted and empty.” – Maribeth