Nicole Smith

CLASS: Insanity

Background: Nicole’s passion for sports and activity began at a very young age. Throughout the years she has been involved with a variety of sports and activities and has worked hard to maintain the fitness built along the way. Nicole has always loved working with others to try and share the passion that athletics has to offer. Since graduating from SUNY Brockport with a BS degree in Physical Education she has worked with a wide variety of age levels through school systems and coaching. Throughout her experiences in teaching Physical Education her exposure to group fitness became larger as she attended higher volumes of classes to be well versed in order to teach aerobics classes as one of the high school elective courses. Seeing the benefit these classes had on her students combined with the energy and variety obtained personally within group fitness classes hooked her and a new passion was born. When her Wednesday night Zumba class changed to an Insanity class she decided that a change of pace would be good. Nicole has never been afraid of a challenge and quickly feel in love with fierce intensity of Insanity. After 1 class she new that this was something she could get into and within a couple months of beginning the class she found herself at a certification course. Now she is looking forward to widening her reach to include an adult population and share her enthusiasm for exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Interests: coaching, running, biking, hiking, hockey, ultimate frisbee, visiting with friends, listening to music, relaxing at the lake, reading, cooking (when time allows it) and spending time with her dog.

Certifications: Insanity, First Aid, CPR/AED

Quotes: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson