Important Notice


Commonwealth Companies overriding mission is to serve as stewards of historic properties. It’s a tremendous honor, and a huge responsibility. We typically have the honored opportunity to shepherd 1,000-year buildings at their 100-year mark into a new future.  We try our darndest to breathe new life into properties - to get them to their next phase. The reality is that we must accept that, over time, the purposes of these places will of necessity need to continually evolve.

The Saint Paul Athletic Club Building has reached another critical point in its history. After almost 30 years exploring every possible option and crunching every single number more times than we can count, we’ve reached the unavoidable conclusion that it simply won’t work to reopen the Saint Paul Athletic Club. We wanted so much to keep some sort of club there to pay homage to the building’s roots, but this phase – of the building and our city – just doesn’t allow for it.  

In the future this magnificent building will contain four of the most spectacular event venues in the entire state, and its own event hotel – a complex without equal. This strategy will insure that the building will remain an important part of the Downtown community for generations to come - hosting life’s greatest celebrations.

We are so grateful to all of you who have supported our efforts to save this magnificent building in the past, and we hope for your support in the future. You all have helped us steward this historic place. We are heartbroken at having to close this chapter but are optimistic about its future.  

We wish you wellness, health, and joy.

John and Stephanie Rupp