Important Notice


We’re cooling off for a bit - actually, more accurately, things are warming up, a little too much. Our air conditioning system experienced a major equipment failure last week and is now in need of extensive repairs. We’ve been told to expect to be out of service for six to eight weeks as we wait for parts and then the completion of repairs. Nobody feels their best when they’re sweltering – especially when they’re trying to exercise, so for that reason we thought the best option was to close for the summer at the end of May (reopening in the Fall).

Don’t worry! We’re moving the party to the University Club on Summit Avenue. The incredible clubhouse and extensive gardens and grounds contain a gorgeous outdoor workout space, indoor workout facilities, clay tennis court, outdoor dining deck and bar overlooking the river valley, main floor Member Dining Room, Members Bar, a legendary outdoor pool, conference/board room, and areas to “set up shop” for those that are looking for an alternative to working at home or in an office.

In addition to the facilities, the University Club offers a plethora of events and programs and a summer children’s’ program centered on the pool. For details please visit


During the next few weeks, Sarah McClendon (Yes! She’s back!) will be reaching out to you to learn what’s been working for you and what you’d like to see more of (or less of, for that matter) at SPAC when it reopens in the Fall. Over the summer the owners and team will evaluate the facility and program changes. You will receive in June a detailed questionnaire, in addition to Sarah’s contact, that will help guide the strategic planning.

Summer on Summit

We hope to see all of you lounging by the pool, getting a workout in the sunshine or the air conditioning, meeting up with old friends and making new ones, and enjoying one of St. Paul’s most treasured past times: Summer on Summit.

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