Fusion FAQ's

Fusion by SPAC uses hardcore science to keep your muscles guessing. Because muscles that aren’t in a routine, develop faster and stronger. Giving you maximum results with minimal time. And who doesn’t want that?


Q. Who should take a Fusion class?

A. Fusion is designed to work for people of ALL fitness levels.


Q. Can elite athletes, recreational workout buffs, and people new to exercise really gain benefits from the same class?

A. Yes! Our program is adaptable for everyone. Fusion is built around functional movement. That means that we use movements that people use daily, whether they notice or not. For example: You do a squat every time you get into or out of a chair. You perform an overhead press when putting groceries on a high shelf. We start with movements that our bodies are already designed to do, and we make them more effective and efficient. The weight and intensity can be customized to an individual’s ability and goals, but we all benefit from these movements. 


Q. What’s the scientific philosophy behind Fusion?

A. Fusion is rooted in physics and biomechanics. It’s about force. Force is affected by three different elements:

1) Mass—Your body weight plus whatever weight you’re using for a movement

2) Distance—The distance you travel with each repetition, or “rep” of the exercise

3) Time—How long it takes you to complete a specific movement/workout

We optimize these elements to create the most dynamic, effective workout possible.


Q. What kind of benefits can participants expect to see?

A. The beauty of Fusion is that it’s what you make it. Results happen when our bodies respond to the principles of force discussed above. Fusion is about developing fitness by creating a more efficient body. The movements are designed to promote leanness via fat loss, strength via muscular gains, and mobility via enhanced range of motion.


Q. Be honest—does Fusion really work?

A. It works, and it works quickly. We piloted a program called Muscle Playground as a segue into Fusion by SPAC. After just one month, participants saw fat loss, muscular gains, and significantly enhanced mobility.


Q. How long is a typical Fusion class?

A. Fusion is designed to be fast and efficient. The workout itself will only last between 6 and 15 minutes. (Yes, really!) The total class lasts a bit longer (between 30 and 45 minutes) because we allow time for a proper warm-up along with a clinic to teach the day’s movements and refine form.


Q. How can the workout be so short but still effective?

A. Fusion is designed to keep every individual working at his or her maximum effort for a brief amount of time. Is it intense? Yes—but it’s intense at your level. This approach produces optimal results. There is no need for long, drawn-out workouts when training for fitness. Why not achieve maximum results with minimum time investment?


Q. Is there a good way for a first-timer to become familiar with the program?

A. Yes! We are offering introductory classes for people who would like a chance to become more comfortable with the exercises and programming before jumping into the large group setting. These classes will take place in small groups, enabling maximal personal attention. Email MZuehl@TheSPAC.com for more info on introductory classes. 


Q. What makes Fusion different from all the other group fitness classes out there?

A. Fusion by SPAC isn’t a group fitness class. It’s a program. And it’s a program designed to help every individual reach his or her fullest fitness potential. Yes, we work out together, but your workout experience will be different from the person next to you, because we meet you at your level. Every single movement has a purpose, and every person in that room will be going all out to reach his or her goals.