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Fusion was created for you to receive a well rounded, comprehensive fitness experience unlike any other with a professional, attentive and learning environment.

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We’ll Turn You Into a Seasoned Athlete

Our goal is, with one program, take first time gym goers and turn them into well seasoned athletes, and take fitness veterans to new heights.

Utilizing functional fitness, in an approachable and effective way is how we accomplish this.

Leave the instruction to us

Just come in, work hard, have fun, and watch yourself transform.

We think time is the most valuable commodity to everyone and spending your gym time in the most effective way possible, to get you the results you are looking for is what we do.

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Fusion was born out of the need for an efficient, effective and results driven fitness program that bridged the gap across all facets of exercise. Combining strength, cardio, metabolic condition, stretch and recovery exercise formats.

Fusion is designed to make your body more efficient, by building muscle, shredding fat, and increasing cardiovascular capacity. We make sure that every workout is designed to do just that because we know results are why you come to the gym, and that is why we deliver.

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The Science

Our programming is backed by science; it's how we know it works. What we do, is deliver high quality workouts with proper instruction on form, technique, and position to maximize the muscles used during any given exercise. Form is at the foundation of our program and is essential for any successful, and safe workout program.

After you have developed the skills for maximizing each lift, we work those lifts into multiple formats including HIIT, Amraps, EMOM’s, Tabata , Tasks and more to get the most out of your body. Our body’s are biologically created to increase efficiency in any given function, in exercise, that means, more muscle, less fat, and better cardiovascular system = increased efficiency.

Benefits of Fusion

Build muscle while shredding fat
Increase your cardiovascular capacity
Make your body more efficient
Learn from professional and attentive trainers
Save time getting the results you want
Work hard, have fun, and watch yourself transform
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Each Class is comprised of 4 elements

1. Warm-up

Dynamic warm-up to get your body loose and ready for the primary lifts of the day.

2. Strength

Focuses on a single exercise (changes daily) to perfect form, function, increase strength, and efficiency of the movement.

3. Workout

This is where we turn up the volume, and get you moving, sweating, and working hard.

4. Stretch & Recovery

We prompt stretches and recovery to help rehabilitate the muscles we used for that day and get you ready for tomorrow.


Fusion Intensity

Blends strength reps, cardio blast, full body, functional movements in a heart pounding HIIT format, working large muscle groups for focused muscle building and metabolic conditioning integrating all modalities of exercise.

Fusion class lifting heavy weights
Fusion class with men and women lifting kettlebells

Fusion Ripped

High rep, high volume training to pump your muscles up. Focusing on rep ranges and super set formats that encourage muscular hypertrophy, growth, and fat loss.


Fusion Adrenaline

Cardio, Cardio and more Cardio. This class will push any seasoned athlete to their upper limits, and any first time gym goer further than they thought possible.

Utilizing both short intense bursts of energy and long grueling mixes of cardio sets, your body, heart and mind will leave feeling accomplished, exhausted, and energized all at the same time.

Fusion class with me and women jumping rope
Women lifting heavy weight

Fusion Strength & Shred

Focuses on Heavy lifting and technique work in a low rep, high weight format targeting 2-3 muscle groups. This class incorporates a strength circuit and cardio blast finisher to round out the day with a heart pumping and fat loss shred.


Fusion Burn

Explosive powerlifting movements accompanied by short bursts of max exertion, increased reps, and increased time under tension work, to increase muscle building, fat shedding potential.

Woman lifting heavy weight
Fusion class with me and women jumping rope

Fusion Sweat

This is our FREE friends and family class we hold every Saturday, where current Fusion members can invite their friends and family to the class and enjoy a fun and challenging workout with them.

Anything goes here, we blend cardio, body weight, strength exercises into an intense workout in a fun environment and a great way to start your weekend.

See you in the Fall! FUSION will be returning Fall 2020.

Fusion class developing agility


Each month we will host a movement clinic, where we will develop your skills in the gym. We’ll focus, dissect and perfect a new discipline, movement and workout every month.

This will be a 2-hour course where you will learn how to get the most out of everything you do in the gym, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your body, exercises, and benefits to acquiring this knowledge. These clinics are great for the individuals who want to gain a better understanding of their body’s and its ability to perform at maximal performance.

Fusion Coaches

Your Fitness Partners

Fusion was created by our personal trainers.

"It's great seeing familiar, smiling faces each morning who motivate me to run a little faster and lift a little heavier!"

Rachel E. B.

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I decided to try Fusion because I wanted a workout that incorporated strength, cardio, and core work and kept things interesting day after day. Previous injuries kept me from doing the rigorous CrossFit style workouts I was used to, and I'm happy that Fusion incorporates barbell activity while also making use of free weights, medicine balls, and TRX. The coaches are encouraging and keep me challenged while also watching out for my form and safety.

"Fusion one of the greatest programs in Saint Paul!!!"

Joel D.

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For the longest time I was working out on my own; doing a great job but not seeing the results I was looking for.  Then I joined the Fusion team and it has changed my world.  Fusion has got to be the best well rounded program created.  The coaches take into account your physical goals and help you to achieve them; if you have any limitations Michael and Matt will help you find a suitable alternative that still works the particular muscle group.  All that being said, you will be pushed to your next level.  Because of the program I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life!!!

"Come join us!"

Craig S.

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Fusion is a community of people continuously expanding our limits of what we thought possible, under the skillful guidance of Michael and Matt.

"The experienced and patient instructors have constructed a program that fits everyone’s fitness level."

Su R.

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As someone who literally didn’t ever lift a weight, or take an exercise class until I was 48, I was very intimidated about my ability to do Fusion. I needlessly worried. The experienced and patient instructors have constructed a program that fits everyone’s fitness level. It progresses as you progress and get stronger and more confident. At the end of every session, I say to myself ‘I can’t believe I was able to do that!’. The fellow participants are so supportive of each other, and it makes going to class even more fun. I strongly recommend Fusion to anyone wondering what they are capable of!”

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