Emily Riechers

Name: Emily T Riechers
Age: 27
The Basics: Lived in the Twin Cities area for 5 years, grew up in Madison, WI. Married with two fur-babies, a mini-schnauzer mutt and a red tabby cat. UW Madison Alumni.

Job Title/Company: General Manager at Hotel 340

Current Diet/Fitness Routine: Started Weight Watchers on January 1st and lost 5 pounds in two weeks (it's amazing what tracking all your food can do alone).  My only view of the gym is my glimpse of the 5th floor cardio room on the way to my 6th floor office.  It's pretty.  I hate cardio.

Fitness goals:  I want to build more core and overall strength.  I don't want several flights of stairs to be a struggle.  I have a genetically bad back and an old knee injury I don't intend to keep me from living my life well into my 80s and 90s on two feet and no assistance.

What inspired you to start on the SPAC journey?   I have been the same size my whole life.  I have never been 'skinny'; 'skinny' was never in the cards for me.  I am a solid size 14-16 dress size with a husband who loves me for who I am and what I look like.  However, a recent sledding incident reminded me that not gaining weight doesn't mean you are healthy--it just means you aren't gaining weight.   I need to make a change and make healthier choices to be the healthiest me going toward the future--and that means on top of eating better, I need a fitness routine to whip my dumb back and my bum knee into shape!  It is also difficult to not feel immensely inspired by the support from the other ladies on this journey with me.