Barbell Strength

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Full body strength training using free weights and barbells. The focus is on low weight loads and high repetitions; you’ll burn fat and calories, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning.

45–60 minutes
All Levels
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Barbell StrengthBarbell Strength


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"I’ve been going to this class for 6 years now!"

Kevin B.

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Being a charter member of the Saint Paul Athletic Club I first learned of the group class ‘Barbell Strength’ at I think it was the third Happy Hour from a friend that also took the class. I’ve always thought I did a fairly good weightlifting routine up until that point, so I thought I would try it out and see how it differed. I went to my first class in July of 2013. I was sore for a week.

Jason’s Barbell Strength class is 45-50 minutes of music, weights, sweat, motivation and fun. Since I’ve started regularly taking the class, I’ve noticed that I can lift heavier things with more control, helping people move is not a problem or a week full of pain afterwards.  The routine hits every muscle group, keeping them nicely toned and firm. The best part, I don’t have to think about what the next routine is going to be! More energy, feeling better about myself, getting stronger, a diverse workout that changes regularly? SIGN ME UP! I’ve been going to this class for 6 years now!

"The instructor goes out of his way to make people feel welcome and motivated."

Barbell Strength Participant

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I revived my fitness journey by going to Barbell Strength on a regular basis. It's a great workout - you improve your strength and cardio fitness all at one time, in a high-energy environment. The class meets you 'where you are' in terms of fitness level: it's accessible if you're just getting started and can challenge you regardless of your fitness level.

The instructor goes out of his way to make people feel welcome and motivated, which creates a fun sense of community among people in the class.

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