Butler's Café & Lobby Bar

(Butler's Café is currently open for events & breakfast only)

Butler's Café offers breakfast daily for $6

Lobby Bar: 7am-1pm, daily


At the Saint Paul Athletic Club, we believe in full, enriched lives—and sometimes that means a glass of scotch and a cupcake. It's a novel approach in the athletic / wellness club world.

The second floor mezzanine is where you will find Butler's Caf. From the earliest days of the Saint Paul Athletic Club their dining rooms always contained a large "Round Table." This is a dedicated table for club members who wanted to meet other members for conversation. This tradition continues today. 

The building's fabulous two-story lobby houses the Lobby Bar, adjacent to the massive fireplace.

The Lobby Bar is far from your everyday watering hole. If it's not the soaring ceilings, plush sofas, or relaxing music, it's the exclusive, members-only access—or perhaps the fine wine and spirits—that bring our members back time and time again to catch up face-to-face. The soaring space is reminiscent of the grand Viennese coffee houses.

* Shortly before the original club closed in 1989, its oldest member was a gentleman that, for over fifty years, ate only a cup of soup and piece of apple pie for lunch. He died a few months short of his 100th birthday, healthy and vigorous to the end!