The Real Beach Prep

The Real Beach Prep

Don’t worry—this isn’t one of those typical “Beach Prep” posts you’ll see floating around this spring.

You know the ones. You’ve seen them all over your social media. These posts tap into a sense of urgency and guilt, trying to shame you into unrealistic diets and crazy workout schedules that’ll leave you depleted and hangry* rather than relaxed and ready for the beach.

The truth: There’s no such thing as a “beach-ready body.” If your body is at the beach, it’s a beach body. Full stop.

We don’t believe in crash diets. We don’t believe in unsustainable workout plans. We believe in balance, in nourishing your whole self, and in all-encompassing wellness.

We’re not worried about your beach body for spring break. We’re more concerned with you finding a lifestyle that helps you be the best version of yourself for the long term—long after the tan lines wear off.

That means something different for everyone—and that’s part of the beauty of what we do.


What’s the right recipe for you?

Perhaps you could use a little more Zen in your life via a new or reinvigorated yoga practice.
Maybe you really need some self-care through a massage.
Or some guidance with smart nutrition choices to fuel your days.
You might be a serious athlete who’s looking to up your game and hit some new PRs.
Maybe you want to improve mobility and balance.
You could be looking to develop a new sense of community or learn something new.
Perhaps you just need more time to connect with friends over a cup of coffee or a really good cocktail (or two).


We have nothing against muscles. We develop a whole lot of them here. But that’s just part of the equation. What good is a ripped bicep without a whole heart, a peaceful mind, and a strong sense of belonging?

Ignore the beach body posts. Release the guilt. Release the shame. Come as you are, and let us help you build a better life.

*That’s not a typo. Hangry, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a combination of hungry and angry. Oh, it’s real.

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