"Spring" & Earth Day

For those of us who call Minnesota home, this winter is one for the books.

Spring and Earth Day

After a serious lack of snow for most of the season, winter decided to show up in full force at the last minute, dragging things out unnecessarily and forcing many of us to hold on to our winter wardrobes (and, ahem, perhaps a few extra winter pounds) longer than we’d hoped.

In many parts of the country, Earth Day is the epitome of a spring event. People show up for tree plantings amid abundant greenery, sporting t-shirts and tan lines.

We might be in parkas.

But that’s okay. We Minnesotans are a hardy bunch. And we’re accustomed to getting our physical activity and socialization done indoors. (It’s easier when you have a space as beautiful as the Saint Paul Athletic Club.)

We’ll celebrate Earth Day regardless of the weather. This annual event hits especially close to home for those of us at Commonwealth Properties (the company that owns the Saint Paul Athletic Club and its sister properties). In an age when it seems as though everyone is tearing down buildings and starting over again, we’re known for rescuing and repurposing existing, historic properties. The Saint Paul Athletic Club is an extraordinary example of our commitment to restoration and renovation. It’s an inherently “green” approach, and we were doing it long before “green” was trendy. (We took over the historic Dacotah Building and opened W.A. Frost more than four decades ago.)

So, we don’t need sunshine and tan lines to feel ready for Earth Day. We embrace it all year ‘round. (And, by supporting our organizations, so do you!)