Get with the (group fitness) program!

Group Fitness

Group fitness could be the magic you’ve been waiting for. Here are just a few reasons to check it out:

  • Mix up your routine to combat boredom
  • Break through a plateau by challenging your muscles in new ways
  • Eliminate the temptation for interruptions (no email breaks—it can wait!)
  • Meet people and maybe even make some friends
  • Feed off the energy of a community working together
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Discover a new passion
  • Receive guidance from an expert instructor who can help you reach your goals and reduce the risk of injuries
  • Do away with procrastination—class starts when it starts!

We could keep going and going. When it comes to group fitness, there’s something for everyone. Some studios are limited to a specific type of group fitness, so you’re always doing the same type of workout. At the Saint Paul Athletic Club, we want you to try everything. Find something you love (or keep mixing it up).

Here’s a snapshot of our current offerings:

  • Barbell Strength
  • Strength Circuit
  • Cycle
  • Cycle & Core Conditioning
  •  Gentle Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Total Body Fitness
  • Water X Mix
  • Run Club
  • Outdoor Program

Ready for the ultimate total body experience? Try Fusion by SPAC, a signature workout based in hard-core science to help people of all fitness levels achieve a level they never thought possible.

Even if you love planning your own workouts and are excellent at holding yourself accountable, it’s nice to change things up and let a group fitness instructor handle the prep work, guidance, and motivation for you. When we do the heavy lifting, you can save your energy to do the…um…heavy lifting. (Or light lifting. Or gentle stretching. Or heart-pounding cardio. Or whatever makes you happy!)

To check out our current group fitness schedule Click Here

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