Why You should Try Yoga

February Why you should try yoga blog

Yoga is an ancient tradition that has been in practice for more than 5,000 years. (How’s that for tried and true?) After expanding to the western world, yoga was something of a “fringe” pursuit for a long time, but it is now more popular than ever.

So why haven’t you tried it?

Too hard?
Too easy?
Too feminine?
You’re not flexible?
You don’t want to chant?
Don’t have the right clothes?

We see your excuses. And we’re here to shut them down.

Yoga is for everyone—young, old, people with advanced fitness levels and total beginners. Yoga has a slew of benefits including strength, flexibility, mobility, muscle tone, metabolic balance, cardiovascular and respiratory health, improved performance in sports, reduced injury risk, and weight control. Plus, many people find yoga to be extremely beneficial for their mental and emotional health.


You don’t need to be flexible. You can wear whatever is comfortable for you. Yoga is increasingly practiced by athletes—including, notably, football players—to protect against injury and increase mobility. It’s a phenomenal addition to any sports or fitness regimen. And yet, yoga is also a great place to start for beginners and people with limited mobility. A good instructor can help you modify moves and even work around injuries. And while yoga does have spiritual roots and continues to have spiritual connotations to many, your yoga practice can be whatever you want it to be—no chanting required.

We’d love to see you escape from the end-of-winter doldrums in a yoga class this spring. What do you have to lose? Go ahead—stretch yourself.