The Best Valentine

The Best Valentine

‘Tis the season for love. February typically celebrates romantic relationships. Sweethearts focus on what they can do to spoil each other, but we’d like to propose another approach. What if you focus on spoiling yourself?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not—you can still make yourself a priority this month.

So what do we mean by “spoiling” yourself?

We aren’t talking about chocolate and candy. In fact, we’re talking about quite the opposite. This February, focus on how you can treat yourself the way you deserve.

Here are a few ideas:


Treat yourself to a session with a personal trainer or try a group fitness class.

We know, we know—for many people, the idea of a workout is about as far away from “spoiling” yourself as possible. But let’s reframe it. When you find the right workout—one that works for your body and your life—it can transform you on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Finding the right one can be intimidating. Drop in to a few group fitness classes to narrow down what feels right. (Psst—exercise can actually be fun. Trust us!) You can also meet with a personal trainer if you’re feeling lost in the gym. A good trainer can help you set personal goals and develop a workout aimed directly at achieving those goals. They can also help you understand gym equipment so you make the best use of your time and minimize injury risk.

More energy, a longer life, improved health, and some great muscles? Sounds like spoiling to us.


Indulge in a massage.

Don’t wait for someone else to buy it for you. A massage is for you, and you deserve it. It’s not just about relaxation; massage has proven therapeutic benefits. Better yet—start a workout plan and schedule a massage (or a regular series of massages) as a reward to keep you motivated.


Expand your horizons.

Why is it so easy to meet people and learn new things when we are in school, but as soon as we leave, we switch on autopilot mode? Don’t stop learning. Don’t stop meeting new people. Don’t stop expanding your horizons. Ideas: attend a networking event. Join a club related to a personal interest. Learn a new language. The world is out there—go get it!

This February, show yourself some love. The results will be sweet.

Best ValentineEdward Rupp