Free Home Workouts

We know that staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. Here is a free option to help keep you active and working out at home.

This platform offers 95 free workouts across 8 categories. All the workouts are in English but you should find it easy to follow the visual cues. We promise it won’t automatically collect your data and it will remain available as long as the disruption from Coronavirus continues.

As the Coronavirus has evolved over the days and weeks, we've taken action every day to help protect you, our staff, and our community.

In light of recent Federal and State guidance, additional steps are necessary. Restaurants, gyms and many other locations are mandated to close under a statewide shutdown. In the interest of public health - we agree with these steps.

The following are changes to the memo that was sent to all University Club of St. Paul and Saint Paul Athletic Club members on March 14th, 2020



  • It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the closure of the bar, restaurant, and meeting/event operations at W.A. Frost, The Commodore, The University Club, The Saint Paul Athletic Club, and Villa Maria.  Club Food & Beverage Minimums, of course, are ended until we can reopen.  
  • In addition we are closing the fitness centers at the Saint Paul Athletic Club and the University Club.  
  • The social club activities at both the Saint Paul Athletic and University Clubs have been canceled.


Continuing Operations

  • Hotel 340 and The Davidson remain open
  • Private office spaces at all Commonwealth Properties buildings; and both Clubhouses remain open.
  • Stout’s Island Lodge remains open and, for many, more appealing than ever
  • Villa Maria –And when being cooped up is too much, remember that we are offering Villa Maria as a lovely day trip option. This will open as of May 1st to SPAC and the University Club for use as a private park. One of Commonwealth Properties newest ventures, Villa Maria is located on its own 63-acre park, surrounded by the 2940 acre Frontenac State Park, overlooking Lake Pepin, a little over an hour south of the University Club.  The Villa is perfect for solitary strolls through the woods, safe and spacious work, as well as days spent letting your children and/or grandchildren run and play on the Villa grounds and the miles of connected Frontenac State Park trails. The Villa will provide grills for your use, and a variety of lawn toys for the kids (and the kid in all of us.)
  • The use of the lower two floors of the Saint Paul Athletic Club Building can still be used by SPAC and University Club members under the STRICT CONDITION that members honor mandated social distancing.  If this requirement is not honored these floors will close.  These floors are also open to guests of Hotel 340, under the same conditions.
  • The University Club is converting its lower three floors of social space to Members drop-in office spaces – like the Downtown SPAC Clubhouse  - use of the Summit Clubhouse is subject to STRICT SOCIAL DISTANCE conditions.  These floors open next Monday.  
  • We honor all current bookings based on health directives and will continue to book catered events, including wedding receptions for dates beginning October 1st at all locations – based, of course, on health directives.   

Evolving Plans 

  • Hotel 340 is being converted in large part – but not exclusively - to furnished Senior Studio Apartments.  Food and beverage and cleaning services will be available on demand. This option - with a 24/7 front desk - is an ideal short- or long-term option for seniors who feel more comfortable with housing options that have a front desk.
  • The Davidson is offering a portion of its units for monthly rental.   Its elegance, small scale and location on walkable Summit Avenue/Cathedral Hill District is a very unique opportunity.
  • We will know by the end of the week if it is both safe, and a legal option, to reopen the fitness centers (not locker rooms) based on a private use plan. The idea would be that time could be reserved to allow a maximum of ten people per room to insure much more than the required six feet of Social Distancing.  SPAC would be open 24/7 and The University Club hours TBD.


What We Are Asking of You 

To the limited extent our buildings are open, no matter how hard we try, your health is your responsibility, and you should help sanitize the areas you visit.

For decades, we have been deeply committed to our community. It's at the core of what we do, and that's why we're so heartbroken to close our operations. But it's that exact same commitment to community that makes us in full support of whatever steps are necessary to help make everyone safe. We're all in this together.

We’re committed to being here when this is over and we hope there will be a quick end to this virus. That said, we will not be here when this crisis passes if you do not continue to pay your dues, book a lodge visit, or purchase gift certificates. We know it’s a lot to ask at an uncertain time, but we hope you will join us in taking the long view, that life will return, we will gather once again in health, in joy, and in community. And we will want a place to do that. We hope to be able to reopen these places.

Until then, we are wishing you health and well-being.

John and Stephanie Rupp