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All services are given in 60/90/120 minute increments.

Swedish Massage

The perfect complement to any workout or work week. Get the blood circulating post workout to expel some of that lactic acid build up or a general release of tension with a medium pressure rhythmic lull of effleurage.

Deep Tissue Bodywork

Slow and Specific to undue years of tension and stress. A full body deep tissue would take about six hours to complete, So together we'll choose a muscle group to use firm and direct pressure as well and trigger point techniques to break up knots and unwind ropey muscles. Read more about it here.

Sports Massage

Recovery and Excellence.  Focuses on compression and friction on muscles and joints in motion. Extension, flexion and neutral positions are used to fully access different dimensions of the muscles as well as resistance to maximize their strength and flexibility which can enhance performance and minimize risk of injury and/or strain.

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Myofacial Release

Every bruise has the potential to turn into a scar that we can not see, there is still a tight gathering of tissues under stress. Over time all of those unseen scars can lead to chronic pain. Myofacial Release focuses on encouraging those unseen scars to release over a course of massage therapy. Start the process of correcting all of those past injuries. Free yourself from Chronic Pain typically due to restrictive connective tissues. The numb ache that you've learned to live with for years does not have to continue. 

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Add on a 20 minute hot towel Foot Reflexology Treatment for only $22.00

About our massAGE THERAPIST

Devin Brown is a recent graduate of the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis specializing in Massage Therapy.  Originally from New Jersey, Devin has enjoying living and working in Minnesota since February 2014.  She looks forward to addressing the health and fitness needs of all of our University Club and Saint Paul Athletic Club members using her extensive expertise in Massage Therapy.