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Group Fitness Classes

Who says you have to plan your own workout?  Let the energy of a group fitness class—and the motivation of an expert instructor—take you to the next level! Spin, INSANITY, Barbell Strength, Yoga and more!  With a wide variety of classes spanning all levels, your next fitness passion is waiting for you. 


st. paul, athletic club, weight training, barbell strength

Full body strength training using free weights and barbells. The focus is on low weight loads and high repetitions; you’ll burn fat and calories, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning.

Duration: 55 Minutes / 45 Minutes
Level: All Levels


spin, cycle, class, group fitness, athletic club, saint paul

An indoor cycling class on state of the art Free Motion bikes that is physically as well as mentally challenging. Each individual controls the intensity by adjustments made to the bike. Get the most out of your classes and training workouts by tracking progress with a heart rate monitor and utilize the on board computer to track output.

Duration: 55 Minutes / 45 Minutes
Level: All Levels


yoga, vinyasa, hatha, class, st. paul athletic club, spac

This soothing class offers an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness.  You will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, while immersing yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a perfectly slower pace.

Duration: 55 Minutes
Level: All Levels


pilates, spac, st. paul athletic club

Strengthen and lengthen your muscles while improving posture and reducing stress and tension. Pilates mat teaches basic movement principles and focuses on core strength.

Duration: 55 Minutes
Level: Beginning


Takes the home DVD workout and brings it to LIFE in a live setting. Feel the effect of a group setting and the powerful strength and cardio workout that is P90X.

Duration: 55 Minutes 

Level: All Levels


Isa strength fusion style format for people who like to sweat! Short bursts of cardiovascular work and strength training for all over body conditioning! Incorporating dynamic balance, dance conditioning, plyometrics, strength, and functional training emphasizing the athleticism of pilates and yoga.


Duration: 45 Minutes   Express 30 Minutes   

Level: All Levels


step class, group fitness, spac, saint paul, 55101

Get your cardio fix with 30 minutes of Step Training. Improve your fitness, agility, balance and strength with athletic exercises that utilized the Step in dynamic new ways.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Level: All Levels



barre, class, st. paul, saint paul, SPAC

Total body workout that strengthens, lengthens, and stretches the body from top to bottom, from inside out. The end result is a long and lean physique… without added bulk. Developed from a dance and Pilates background, the Barre workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of Pilates to sculpt and chisel every angle of the body.

Duration: 55 Minutes
Level: All Levels


total body, fitness, class, muscle

A strength training class targeting major muscle groups using various equipment and bodyweight. TBC incorporates bursts of cardio into movements intended to help you tone/define all major muscles. 

Duration: 55 Minutes
Level: All Levels



Cardio, strength, and core training in 30 minute segments designed to help you get the most out of your workout in the least amount of time. This athletic-based workout focuses on 3 major components of any workout: core exercises, cardiovascular work, and strength training. Using a variety of equipment, this class is designed to work every major muscle group in the body and deliver real results, real fast. Come get a great workout and turn yourself into a real Triple Threat!


The evolution of kickboxing is here! This addictive workout combines shadow boxing, kickboxing, sport drills, and simple dance moves in a party atmosphere.  Great music and high energy will keep you moving and feeling fit. Kick, punch and groove in this action-packed, super fun, cardiovascular workout.  It’s kickboxing and so much more!

Duration: 45 Minutes    

Level: All Levels


vinyasa yoga, st. paul, athletic club, yoga flow

Yoga flow style yoga takes you through sun salutation series and works on flexibility, strength, power and balance coordinated with the breath. Mats provided or bring your own.

Duration: 55 Minutes / 45 Minutes
Level: All Levels




Which literally means “yoga sleep” is a guided meditation scientifically proven to induce profound level of relaxation which leads to improved health and transformation on the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

30 MinutesLevel: All Levels


warrior sculpt, yoga sculpt, spac, st. paul

Combination of yoga inspired movements and free weights for increased muscle endurance. This power up session builds strength, stamina, and flexibility. Our Warrior Sculpt is, a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights serve as your own personal adjuster as you move through sun salutations and other yoga postures, enabling extra length and depth in each pose.

Duration: 55 Minutes
Level: All Levels