Corporate Programs

Healthy employees are more productive. They take fewer sick days. They are less expensive to insure. And, of course, they enjoy a better quality of life.

That's why SPAC works closely with local companies to encourage employee wellness. It's an investment that pays quantifiable dividends—but it also touches the intangibles: happiness, efficiency, personal and job satisfaction. Proximity to home or work is a primary factor in predicting an individual's likelihood to continue a regular exercise routine, and that's why the centrally located Saint Paul Athletic Club is such a logical choice for companies located in the downtown Saint Paul area. If location isn't enough of a motivating factor, perhaps our resort-like amenities will do the trick.

If your company already has a wellness program, the Saint Paul Athletic Club is the (sugar-free) icing on the cake. We'll customize a plan that aligns with your current programs. And if not? We'll help you develop a plan. Our programs work for individual employees or groups. Or if you just want to give your employees the fabulous perk of a discounted corporate membership, we've got that, too.

Give us a call today and we'll start delighting your employees tomorrow. (651) 291-7722